1. It (pronoun) - Rules, usage and examples;
2. There is, There are - Rules, usage and examples;
         There is - There are Exercises
         There is - There are Dialogues
3. Comparison of Adjectives - Rules, usage and examples.
4. The Indefinite Tenses - Rules, usage and examples.
5. The Continuous Tenses - Rules, usage and examples.
         To Be Going to + Infinitive
6. The Perfect Tenses - Rules, examples and when to use;
         Present Perfect Worksheets 
         Future Perfect Worksheets
         Perfect Tense Examples (Proverbs and Quotations)
7. The Perfect Continuous Tenses
8. The Passive Voice
         Passive Voice Worksheets
         Passive Voice Examples in Texts, Proverbs and Quotations
9. Modal Verbs
    Can (Could)
         Modal Verb Can Examples
    May (Might) 
         Modal Verb May Examples
    Should and Ought to
    Modal Phrases (Had Better and Would Rather)
         Examples of Modal Verbs in Texts and Dialogues
10. Non-Finite Forms of the Verb
      The Infinitive
           Complex Object
           Complex Subject
           Infinitive (Forms and Functions) Worksheet
           Infinitive Complex Object Exercises
      The Gerund
           Gerund examples in literature, proverbs and quotations
           Gerund - Grammar Exercises
     The Participle
     The Participle as the Part of a Complex Object or a Complex Subject
     Nominative Absolute Construction
           Participle Examples in Proverbs and Quotations
11. The Oblique Moods
           Conditional Sentences
           Conditional Mood Examples in Proverbs and Quotations