Monday, 2 January 2012

There is, There are

There is, There are

Key examples:

There is a piano in the room.
There are no people there.

Usage: the construction there is, there are is used when we state the presence or absence of something at some place.

For study:

There is (are) There is (are) no

1. There is a table in the kitchen.

1. There is no table in the kitchen.

2. There is a cupboard near the window.

2. There is no cupboard near the window.

3. There is a shelf in the corner.

3. There is no shelf in the corner.

4. There is a refrigerator opposite the door.

4. There is no refrigerator opposite the door.

5. There are plates in the cupboard.

5. There are no plates in the cupboard.

6. There are pots on the shelf.

6. There are no pots on the shelf.

7. There are knives in the drawer.

7. There are no knives in the drawer.

There are many (a lot of)*

There are not many (few)
1. There are a lot of plates on the rack. 1. There are not many plates on the shelf. (There are few plates…)
2. There are a lot of desks there. 2. There are not many desks here. (There are few desks…)
3. There are a good many reading lamps there. 3. There are not many reading lamps here.
4. There are lots of students there. 4. There are not many students here.
5. There is a lot of milk in the jug. 5. There is not much milk in the glass. (There is little milk…)
6. There is plenty of porridge in the pot. 6. There is not much porridge on the plate.
7. There is plenty of water in the teapot. 7. There is not much water in the teapot.
*In Modern English a lot (of), plenty (of), a good many (of) usually replace many and much in affirmative sentences.

Is there? Are there?

  1. Is there a garden round your house?
  2. Is there a conditioning at your place?
  3. Is there any playground near your house?
  1. Are there many parks in your town?
  2. Are there any music schools in your town?
  3. Are there many theatres there?