Tuesday, 27 November 2012

There is There are Dialogues

'There is - There are' construction through real life dialogues and proverbs

I hope this page will enable the English learner to see how to use There is/are rules in the right ways and put grammar learning into context.


A: There is something I’d like to talk to you about.
B: Perhaps we leave it for tomorrow.

A: There is a wonderful novel among your books. May I take it?
B: Of course, you may.

A: Was there anything interesting in this book?
B: Yes, there is a lot of very useful material in Chapter 3.

A: Your bag is so heavy! What is there in it?
B: There are a few books and a big dictionary.

1: Hello, Anne, are there any students in the classroom?
2: Yes, there are five of them.

A: Is there anything else to do?
B: Yes, you can help Mother lay the table.

A: Were there many guests at the party last night?’
B: Yes, quite a lot
A: Were there the Greenbergs there?
B: No, there weren’t. They are in Madrid.

A: Excuse me, is there a bus-stop near here?
B: Yes, there is one, just round the corner.
A. Thank you.

A: Is there a swimming pool in your area?
B: Yes, there is. I go there with my friends.

A: Is there a pet shop near your house?
B: Yes, there is. I buy food for my cat there.

A: Is there café near there?
B: Yes, there is. On the corner of the street. You can see it.

A: Is there a supermarket near your house?
B: Yes, there is.  It’s in front of the café.

A: What is there in the middle of the park?
B: There is an old church. It’s a very beautiful.

1: Excuse me. Is there a bus from here to National Gallery?
2: No, there isn’t. Take bus 60 to Pennsylvania Avenue and then transfer to R2.

1: Excuse me. Does this bus go to the Library of Congress?
2: No, this bus won’t take you there. You’ll have to change at Dupon Circle. By the way, you can get there by subway. There is a subway station over there.

(Booking Theatre Tickets)
1: Can I get tickets for tonight’s show?
2: The front row of the dress circle is fairly free.
1: Are there any boxes?
2: No, I’m afraid not.

(Booking Theatre Tickets)
1: Are there any seats left for Saturday tonight?
2: B-13 and B-14 are all that is left.
1: Isn’t there anything cheaper?
2: Only if somebody cancels.


  1. There is no fight without smoke.
  2. For every thing there is a season (From the Bible, Ecclesiastes III (King James Version); 3:1 'To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven').
  3. There is no such thing as bad publicity.
  4. If there were no clouds we should not enjoy the sun,
  5. There is one born every minute (Meaning: There are many fools and dupes in the world).