Thursday, 26 April 2012

Future Perfect Worksheets

Free worksheets for practising Future Perfect Tense.

Exercise 1.
Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in parentheses in future perfect tense. Exercise includes both regular and irregular verbs.
  1. I ---- ---- ---- (to finish)  my work by the 1st of May.
  2. He ---- ---- ---- (to translate) this article by tomorrow.
  3. My daughter and I  ---- ---- ---- (to come) to New York by the 1st of August.
  4. We ---- ---- ---- (to be) there for a week when my husband joins us.
  5. They ---- ---- ---- (to arrive) to the stadium half an hour before the game begins.
  6. I hope you ---- ---- ---- (to recover)  before I return from my leave.
Exercise II. 
Read the sentences. Give your own sentences on the same pattern.
  1. By the week-end we shall have seen something of London.
  2. By the evening we shall have done our shopping.
  3. We shall have come to the theatre half an hour before the performance begins.
  4. By the time the train starts all the passengers will have taken their seats.

Exercise II.
Use Future Indefinite or Future Perfect for future action.
  1.  I (to see) her tomorrow.
  2.  I (to see) her by Monday.
  3. They (to close) the shop early on Saturday.
  4. They (to close) the shop before we get there.
  5. They (to pack) by the times the taxi comes.
  6. They (to pack) when I bring them my suitcase.
  7. We (to finish) our work on Friday.
  8. We (to finish) our work by Friday.
  9. We (to book) tickets in a week.
  10. We (to book) tickets by the time the vacations begin.