Tuesday, 27 November 2012

There is There are Dialogues

'There is - There are' construction through real life dialogues and proverbs

I hope this page will enable the English learner to see how to use There is/are rules in the right ways and put grammar learning into context.


A: There is something I’d like to talk to you about.
B: Perhaps we leave it for tomorrow.

A: There is a wonderful novel among your books. May I take it?
B: Of course, you may.

A: Was there anything interesting in this book?
B: Yes, there is a lot of very useful material in Chapter 3.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

There is - There are Exercises

This page contains free 'there is/are' grammar exercises with answer keys when necessary.

Exercise I
Write the interrogative and negative form of the following sentences according to the models:

Model 1:
There is a pen on the desk.
Is there a pen on the desk?
There is no pen on the desk.
  1. There is a magazine on the desk.
  2. There is a garden near the house.
  3. There is a hole in my trousers.

Model 2:
There is some tea in the glass.
Is there any tea in the glass?
There is no tea in the glass.
  1. There is some butter on the plate.
  2. There is some milk in the jug.
  3. There is some bread on the table.

Model 3:
There are some dogs in the park.
Are there any dogs in the park?
There are no dogs in the park.
  1. There are some pictures in the room.
  2. There are some chairs in the kitchen.
  3. There are some people outside.